The day the world stood still!

I will admit tonight, I feel somewhat depressed. I can’t really explain why,.. I have some reasons to be worried about my future. The world is in the Middle of a global pandemic, because of the out break of a killer virus. Everyone is talking so much shit about the state of the world. My problems in comparison, are small, but in my face everyday!

I am lucky, I have people that I can talk to about my problems. I have someone special that is there for me, and I truly feel that special someone would do almost anything for me. It doesn’t make me happy to not be independent enough to be alright on my own. I have a job, (still). I have an apartment (still)! And I have my electric bike. I get some joy riding my bike. But these things that have me depressed are regrettably financial. I won’t go into the numbers, but a salary hold, and pass bills are killings my earnings. I’m left with 390€ to get thru the entire month after paying my rent. This pressure on me is getting me down. I look forward to getting these bills paid so I will have more capital. I’ve never been the type of person to really care about money.