Legendary Road Trip (part duex)


Hafem 49



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The names and locations have been changed to protect the innocent!! Well, nobody that I know is ever really innocent, but I still use the disclaimer to be safe from any legal repercussions.  There were some new faces and some fine bodies to hopefully add to my list of personal and indirect friends made on this trip too.  I will get to all that in just a minute,  but “Yes”, we did it again.  Road trip to Mannheim!! Rocco and I took off again headed down south to Swabian land.

Swabian (About this sound Schwäbisch ) is one of the Alemannic dialects of High Germanobelix7-17834It is spoken in Swabia, which covers much of the southwestern German state of Baden-Württemberg, including its capital, Stuttgart. Swabian is difficult to understand for speakers of Standard German, not just because of its pronunciation but because it contains vocabulary that differs from Standard German.

So the first thing that we did was meet up with Pocahontas.  “No”, her real name is not Pocahontas, but I have to admit, very often when I look at her I think about that beautiful Disney character.  Plus the first time we went out with her and Mary (her girlfriend), she wore something like a long white Moroccan Caftan you mignecklaceht see worn by Bedouins.  She also had on a necklace, that made me think of Egyptian or American Indian woman.  Simple jewelry , made from natural materials, and still very majestic at the same time.  OK,.. I am almost sure she will read this so, before you see me the next time, I’ll get this out of the way.
(About this sound Sa Na Ah ) forgive me, I know that photo does not look exactly like the necklace that you were wearing, but it gives the reader the visual understanding of what I mean.  “Pocahontas”.  Who knows by the end of the blog, the blog may not even be open for public reading, I might make it private so that only the people who were present can read the blog.  Those memories were from the first trip anyway.


The Lovely Sun Goddess! You know you are golden


And I have to tell you all about the Ferrari in blond and tanned skin we ran into as we were leaving Hafen 49.  She goes by the name of Nikka, 27 years of age, and just “bad” bad like in good and not bad as in bad!! But she did have a hand bag  with “Bad Bitch” written on the top side.As we stood on the curb and we figuring out how and what we wanted to do, Nikka took a look at us as a group, moved over to me and put her hand on my should and then said, “Hey is it OK if I join your group going to the Loft, all my friends want to go home and I want to stay?”  I do remember looking at her, and thinking “sure”, but not exactly knowing what was going on at the time. But if I remember correctly, my t-shirt might have been an open invitation.

99 problems  My minds was focused on getting to my telephone to let some people in Frankfurt know I was safe and having a wonderful summer evening!! Within a few Nikka, me and the rest were were clicking like a V8 engine, we got a taxi, drove from Mannheim to Ludwigshafen to the Loft club.  The next thing I remember we were walking into the club, the music was bumping and the party weekend was taking off for the second time.  I was impressed with the confidence Nikka had and just the way she carried herself.  Such an attractive young lady, that knew exactly what she wanted, she fit into our small group of merry men and women quite well.  We were drinking, partying, dancing, laughing, loving life and sharing the moment.  Another reason I was so sure she fit into the group is because I had complained about not having my phone and taking my car from Hafen 49 to the loft, but Nikka turned to me then she told me, “You’re not going anywhere, that is not safe.  I will take care of you, stay with me and after the club we’ll find someplace to chill out (some after party area).”This was the first moment where I thought to myself, when me and Rocco get together, people around us seem to feel the energy, love, happiness and openness.  I felt good and alive.  I was already feeling good, before we were 3, and now we were 4.  2 men, 2 women yet no one was a couple,… well, 2 of the four probably like each other more than they care to admit, but that is not my business or my story.  That she has a passion for morning running was shocking to me, but you can’t judge a book by its cover.  I also have a passion for running, but by disciplines were the 200m, 400m, 4x100m relay and the 4x400m relay.  I also triple jumped, but by far this was my weakest discipline.  Every year that I ran track and field I qualified for the state track meet in Alabama.  For those reading my blog probably don’t really know me or a lot about my past.  If interested I could share more about me just ask me sometime or read my blogs.  Getting back to the trip and how much fun we were having,…. Nikka was a lot of fun and her coming along and looking after 2 “old dude” was absolutely the coolest thing to me.  I was impressed with how she carried herself and as a person in general.  But don’t be confused, I’m new to the whole party and techno scene so me being impressed might not be all that hard.  I’m still on cloud nine from a special person I meet on the last trip, no one is coming close to her.  I would mention her name but I want to write her something special in a separate blog dedicated to her alone.   I know she knows she is special.





Loft Ludwigshafen

So I’d like to mention some special people even thought they didn’t make out to the club and were not present.  A big shout out goes to ♔Queen♚ B!! whoot whoot! You Rock, sorry you couldn’t be there.

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