Jivooooo “The Lavish” a.k.a. The devil

​Woody the Great,..!!!


Since Ricquitta took the privilege to mention that I write a blog from time to time about things that I observe in the world and how I feel about the things I see,… I decided to save a few words about Jivoo “The Lavish”.   Please don’t take it personal that I asked you if you are a man or a mouse.  Or that I called you a dish cloth (waschlappe). I won’t say that I’m sorry, because I didn’t mean it personal, for me the situation was undesirable.  I had planned to either go play basketball or something else, since you had no interest in basketball.  I found myself asking you   of questions about shoes.  Bruv,… you are funny as hell and I like you because you seem to be a lot of fun, on the right occasion.  Yesterday was not that occasion. And you always have the best weed,…. how can I say this best.  You uckfayed up my ateday with Lara!  But it’s all cool, because she didn’t even know it was going to be a ateday.   (ask for the pig-latin translation)


Otherwise why were you and Ricquitta there right ? That is the question I keep asking myself.




Then on second thought, how can I give myself credit for making the situation clear enough for the average to understand what I intended.  How much clearer can you say, hey lets go play basketAll I know is every time I have the privilege to be at the same place at the same time, after you show up, something goes wrong.  I’m sure that your english is good enough for you to comprehend these few lines too.  I know you understand exactly what I am saying, and perhaps I can ask you a few questions at the same time.  If you would be honest and tell me your thoughts is another matter.

1998 – Placebo – Pure Morning 

Lyrics: “A friend in need, a friend in deed, a friend with weed is better,….”

Chorus: “OK, I guess the neighbors think I’m selling dope”,….

2016 – J. Cole – Neighbors

“mutherfucker I’am I ‘am  I’am  I’am mutherfucker I’am I ‘am I’am  I’am mutherfucker I’am”

Proportionality (mathematics)

In mathematics, two variables are proportional if a change in one is always accompanied by a change in the other, and if the changes are always related by use of a constant multiplier. The constant is called the coefficient of proportionality or proportionality constant.

  • If one variable is always the product of the other and a constant, the two are said to be directly proportional. x and y are directly proportional if the ratio y/x is constant.
  • If the product of the two variables is always a constant, the two are said to be inversely proportional. x and y are inversely proportional if the product xy is constant.

To express the statement “y is directly proportional to x” mathematically, we write an equation y = cx, where c is the proportionality constant. Symbolically, this is written as yx.

To express the statement “y is inversely proportional to x” mathematically, we write an equation y = c/x. We can equivalently write “y is directly proportional to 1/x“.




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