Dear Diary – (Things that go bump in the night)

I had to experience this place I’d heard so much about, TanzHaus West,.

I got Photo bombed, by some Girl,.. That was funny,…. Just because I was standing next to her when I took the photo.  The general feeling was get out and experience different things and meet different people.  While there I meet this guy, I’ll call him Boris.  He was at least 6 feet plus, a full sleeve tattoo, shaved head with a short mo-hawk.  When I first say him, I had some thoughts that if some shit broke out, he’d be one to take out first.  Boy was I wrong, on the third glance, he actually reached out his hand and shook my hand.  Later on in the night he bought me a shot of Jägermeister. He was actually poping pills, even tried to give me speed in a capsule, but for my first time at this club, people watching was enough.  3 gin tonics and maybe 4 shots of Jägermeister, I didn’t need much more for a wild night.

But I am sure that there were a lot more drug use in this place,

I actually went back to the house of the living dead,… yeah!! This times my eyes were open to things as they were, still didn’t make the scenario more pleasant.


Took a photo with Ida, an old work colleagen.  Thought we would dance more,… but it didnt matter, I danced alone and had my fun anyway.  I wasnt there for Ida, we meet there, saw each other talked,… that was it except this barely visible selfie.

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