Separation before Elevation,… Elevation requires Separation,…


Where do I begin?  Who are those that need to be left behind ? Am I someone being left behind ?  This is a extremely interesting point in life, when this information was presented to me.  Now I have heard the statement and read about the meaning of the message, I know I am in a season of my life.  Some many people go thru these seasons of life, I have known something is going on in my own life.  I have stopped meeting with certain people and I have meet new people.  I want to change my life, and I know there are people I want to be in my life.

Some things and people need to be left behind.  I already gave up the majority of my material belongings, that part was easy.  Leaving the people is the hard part.  I need to be patient and should take my time going into this new season.

I meet a woman, and she makes me happy. No let me correct that,…. I am already happy and “when I am with her I feel stronger and even more complete”.  But she is afraid of being hurt.  I dont know if its a feeling she she gets from me or if the fear is something comes from knowing her own self.  She isn’t speaking to me right now and this is driving me crazy. Why is the devil testing me?  Why would I meet this wonderful person and begin to feel so good, then everything all of a sudden be taken away from me.  Is this the spirit of the Lord, or a trick from the Devil ? OK this is not going well, I only seem to have questions.  There are way too many open questions in my head.  Somewhere I began to read about Elevation requires Separation.  If you google those words or search on Youtube, you will get alot of different sources. “Separation is necessary for Elevation”, Isolation is required for Elevation,…. alot of ways to say the same things.  

You’re running yourself to exhaustion in the same “hamster wheel” of a cycle because you CAN’T remove yourself on your own…INSERT GOD here. And this is why separation happens. Sometimes we see it coming and feel it a mile off, other times, it just happens supernaturally <—Gods hands.
The more you desire to hear what God has for you, and see it come to pass, the deeper you will have to go into his presence. Once the separation has begun (it IS a process, as the enemy doesn’t want us to separate), God will ask you to come to him more often, privately, and intimately. Its very secluded, YES, but FEAR not, so long as you have GOD, you have all you need. 


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